9 October 2018

PAL Mabuhay Magazine takes pride in our local businesses.  In their October 2018 edition, they feature our founder and the strong woman behind ATIN.

Sabrina Co, a young entrepreneur, launched her own scent line after seeing a dearth of fragrances that characterized the Philippines.

Co’s career as a perfumer began when she was 16 years old. She interned at Charabot, a perfume company in Grasse, France, under the supervision of expert perfumer Isabelle Cutri.  Since she was inspired and energized by what she had learned there, Sabrina immediately started focus group discussions when she returned to Manila.

She discovered that Filipinos prefer floral, citrusy, and fresh smells. So, in 2012, she founded ATIN, which means “ours” and stands for “Aiming to Inspire A Nation” to fill the shortage of Filipino-inspired scented items in the market. 

ATIN’s essences are unique as they evoke images of magnificent white-powdered beaches, tropical fruits, exotic flowers, and aromatic spices endemic to our country.

Read more about the Sweet Smell of Success on PAL’s Mabuhay online magazine, page 47.